Gambling: Roulette, Blackjack, & Poker

Slots? Roy couldn't be bothered with slot machines. That was a sucker's bet. His games were roulette and blackjack. While others were playing the slots, Roy spent literally thousands of hours betting at roulette wheels and blackjack tables in Las Vegas, Reno, and London, England.

Roy also enjoyed weekly poker sessions with his studio buddies. His studio parties were replete with libations and banquets of food which sustained the cast and crew well into the night as guests played blackjack and poker or placed bets at the roulette table, where Roy held court as croupier.

Roy loved to visit Las Vegas casinos and enjoyed most forms of gambling and gaming. But this interest was larger than a hobby; it was research. It didn't stop at casinos. Roy spent thousands of hours more developing and meticulously testing a winning gambling system on his roulette wheel at home, where he recorded and analyzed over 600,000 spins. The Stardust Casino was his favorite haunt in Las Vegas, where he was often found testing his theories as he developed his gambling tips into a book of winning strategies. (Roy often boasted that his gambling trips were financed through his winnings.)

How to Win at Roulette and Blackjack was the result of his observations at the gaming tables. Not only did his gambling system pay off handsomely for Roy, but his book on the topic was well received and was rewarding in its own right. The book is out of print, but Roy's estate has plans to re-publish and make it available through this web site. Find out more about it here.